The Story Behind the Name

How you helped Rew Elliott become a reality. 

“At Rew Elliott, the story goes beyond my desire to create beautiful, timeless jewelry. My hope is that each piece captures a memory or a feeling of time and place that is treasured forever. “

Rew Elliott CEO

The story of Rew Elliott is one of heartbreak and hope, of tragedy and timing.

Before I created Rew Elliott I was working a traditional corporate job that left no outlet for my creative side. Having spent most of my life up to then as a ballerina, sitting behind a desk left me uninspired, restless, and unfulfilled. But I was resigned to the realities of my “grown up” job and took great pride in seeing my career grow.

But then…

In the blink of an eye, my life was changed forever. My little brother lost his life in a car accident at the tender age of 21. His death shook our family to its very center. Suddenly I was acutely aware of fragility of life and of just how precious each moment is. I understood that life is simply too fleeting to spend it unfulfilled. So I decided to create my own business  – one that would not only honor my brother’s vibrant spirit, but that would allow my creative soul to pursue a life of passion and meaning. 
Leaving behind a stable career was frightening to say the least and I was plagued by self-doubt. But I realized that as long as I maintained the status quo of my life, I would never feel truly fulfilled. 

I decided…

I would create a line of jewelry that was not part of fast fashion and disposable wardrobes. My idea was for this jewelry line to be timeless, beautiful, and full of pieces that would become treasured. I wanted these pieces to be a part of special moments; weddings, anniversaries, graduations, births, sweet sixteens, I love you’s, I miss you’s… And so Rew Elliott was born, named in honor of my brother Andrew Elliott, whose short life caused me to appreciate my own as never before. 
The road was more difficult than I imagined. Learning the technical and artistic skills necessary to bring this vision to reality took years of practice and refinement. The challenges of running a business at times have seemed overwhelming. There was so much to learn, and failure has often been my best teacher.
I’ve read, studied, practiced, and picked the brains of those I admire – other successful business owners and artists. I’ve tried and failed and learned from my mistakes, and then I’ve tried again.

I realized one of my biggest fears…

Was fear of rejection and of putting myself out into the world. With so much of me in every design, the idea of a piece not being well received often felt personal. But I now understand that without personal connection and risk, the brand will never truly embody the characteristics that I want it to represent. 
So I’ve pushed through the self- doubt and the steep learning curves, and have seen the business continue to grow. The genuine love and encouragement from everyone who sees and wears the jewelry had been overwhelming and reassuring to say the least. My growing tribe of customers have helped me grow in so many ways, both professionally and personally. You have given me encouragement, inspiration, and invaluable feedback. You have shared your life stories with me- joys and heartbreaks alike. And you have made this business about so much more than jewelry, which was my intent from the very start. 

The best part?

Is that I’ve finally found meaning and fulfillment in my work and I feel in some way that I’m keeping my brother’s legacy alive. Andrew had such passion and enthusiasm. He was a risk taker who was always pushing the envelope and striving for the next level. Yet he also had a meticulous nature and a desire for perfection in all that he did. These are qualities that I try to bring to my business and to my creative process. It all began by overcoming my fears, listening to my heart, and being true to my nature. The risk was worth the reward and I am so thankful for all of you who have been a part of this journey with me!